Christmas Eve Box Ideas. The UK’s Newest Tradition?

Christmas Eve box ideas and the fast growing popularity spreading throughout the UK.

Christmas Eve boxes are fast becoming the UK’s newest tradition with popularity rising year on year. This new Christmas tradition appears to be dividing the UK. With many welcoming the idea others are shunning the idea as too commercialised.

Christmas Eve Box Filled

So… what are Christmas Eve boxes?

Christmas Eve is arguably one of the most exciting nights of the year for children, as they eagerly await a visit from Santa. Sleeping with one eye open in anticipation of the big day and to see if Santa will visit.

The Christmas Eve box is a delightful way to break into the festivities a day early. Gifting your little ones with Christmas themed activities and small gifts can add to the festive spirit. There is also the added bonus of activities keeping Children busy allowing you to prepare for the big day.

Christmas Eve boxes come in all shapes and sizes, materials and colours. Some can be personalised whilst others are keepsakes. This doesn’t not have to be a tradition solely for children wither. Many boxes on the market are designed for adults too.

White & Gold Christmas Eve box

So… what do you put in a Christmas Eve box?

Well, typically these would be small Christmas themed activities and yummy treats. Generally the rule is to keep it simple and fun. Save all the main presents for Christmas day.

Christmas Eve box ideas:

  • A game; whether this be a board game or a small Christmas themed game.
  • Pyjamas; what is better than on Christmas Eve night snuggling down in your new PJ’s.
  • Some hot chocolate powder.
  • A Christmas jumper to wear on the day.
  • Christmas book or film.
  • Festive snack, candy cane or chocolate coins.

There is no need for Christmas Eve boxes to be expensive. Cheap cardboard versions are available at the fraction of the price of wooden ones. Take a look at our personalised cardboard Christmas Eve box, for only £3. A number of wooden boxes are also available, these being more durable and reusable.

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